Sports Night Thursday 13

I have mentioned in the past that I am a rabid fan of Sports Night. So, in honor of my repeated viewings of the entire series (thank God for DVD's!) here are thirteen of my favorite quotes/scenes from SN (in somewhat random order, not in order of preference or anything).
  • Isaac: "Casey is on a date with Pixley? Could they be any more white?"
  • Casey: "A jabby right hook. And he did it with his left hand." Chuck "Cutman" Kimmel: "This fighter's got remarkable skills. He's not to be trifled with."
  • Dana: "Isaac had a stroke. And someone tried to blow up the building. We're not having our best week, are we?"
  • Dan: "I gotta tell you, at this point the length of this conversation is way out of proportion to my interest in it." I find many, many opportunties to use this line myself.
  • Jeremy (regarding a hunting segment): "What we did wasn't food and it wasn't shelter and it sure as hell wasn't sports." This whole speech was good, but this line just summed it up.
  • Isaac: "Because I love you, Danny, I can say this. No rich, young white guy has ever gotten anywhere with me comparing himself to Rosa Parks."
  • Dan: "You got married at 23 to a woman you met at 19!" Casey: "I know, I was there."
  • Sam Donovan: "Don't assume that just because I'm looking at you when are talking that I'm paying any attention to what you are saying."
  • Calvin Trager: "Anyone who can't make money off of Sports Night needs to get out of the money making business."
  • Dan: "I've got the intellectual property cops up my butt."
  • Casey: "Gordon, you're wearing my shirt." The line is good because it's a perfect underlining of the scene itself, when Casey realizes that Gordon cheated on Dana. It's so much more subtle than an outright accusation, but both the characters and the viewers know exactly what it all means.
  • Dan (in response to Casey asking how he can be cool again): "First I have to disabuse you of the notion that you were cool in the first place.
  • Dana: "I have seen enough to know that I have seen enough! And now I want something good to happen. I want just one good thing to happen before the day is over and I will be the judge of what is good! One. good. thing before the day is over, that is all I ask!" And then you hear Isaac's voice off-screen, and you see him with his cane, moving all slowly because he just got released from the hospital that day and he has a lot of recovery still ahead of him because of the stroke, and the scene is all that much more poignant because it's the first episode that Robert Guillame was able to film after his real-life stroke, and...excuse me, I need to get a tissue.


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