Bring some cheese, I've got plenty of whine

So, I decided that I was going to try to post more often and I took advantage of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). And then November started off in the middle of a crappy week. A week that began with Lil Joe puking all over the floor first thing Sunday morning. And Hubby being off on the golf course for longer than planned, so I had pukey-boy and his bickering siblings by myself for an extra hour or so, delaying my trip to the grocery store. (But my being trapped in the house was no big deal, since I didn't want to drive the minivan once the "check engine" light came on on Saturday evening.) A week that continued with me getting a call at work on Monday telling me that Hoss had thrown up during gym class. After which he felt fine, so I spent the rest of the day trying to make him understand why he wasn't allowed to be at school or eat whatever he wanted. And I got another call on Tuesday telling me that Hoss had a meltdown during class, hitting and kicking and trying to bite, so he needed to be removed. So, instead of leaving work at lunchtime to go watch the Halloween parade and help out in the kindergarten classroom for the party, I stayed at work while my mom picked Hoss up and I took the boys home. I thought about making my post a picture of Princess and Hoss in their costumes from last night, but started getting nervous about posting a picture of my children in light of recently debated kerfuluffles in the mommy-blogging world. I am just not in a place right now to have a thick skin if someone decided to make fun of how my kids looked in their costumes. Or if someone look the pictures for something worse. But, by tonight I may have changed my mind and posted the photo, since I took the time to make the damned costumes and therefore I ought to show them off. You know I waffle like that. I thought about posting about all of the projects I am working on for my booth at the Christmas thing at the kids' school. But those of you that give a hoot about what is on my needles are probably reading my other blog. So, my auspcious beginning to my daily posting attempts is...a post about how I don't have a decent post. Let's hope I can shake this off soon, or I will alienate the few readers I have instead of attracting any new ones.


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