You would think...

You would think that a committee of only three people should be able to find an hour during the week of December 18 during which everyone was available for a conference call. You would think that a caterer coming to a 400 person company would have made note of who asked him to show up "right away" with a new urn of coffee, as opposed to having to grab a random employee in the kitchen to figure out which conference room needed it. You would think that having an in-box with a label that says "IN BOX" as the first thing visible when entering a cubicle would mean that mail was not left piled on my chair. You would think that someone who made a big point of needing completed drafts of documents by a certain time on Friday would be in the office to read them on Friday, or would at least open her e-mail before Sunday night. You would think that a grown man whose radio is set to start playing the all news station when he wakes up would have an idea what the weather was going to be like instead of asking his wife while she is trying to get lunch made. And you would think that he would also have an idea that the field trip to the farm would require jean and boots, regardless of whether the specific activities of the day included anything more than just a tromp through the pumpkin patch, without needing input from the wife. You would think these things, but you would be wrong.


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