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So, we are back on the roller coaster. I went to a family wedding this weekend. We hiked with the groom as some of his friends on Saturday morning, and the wedding on Saturday night was a beautiful ceremnoy under a canopy in the woods next to a waterfall. The reception at the Museum of Civilization lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday consisted of more sightseeing, sampling of the local cuisine (specifically, Tim Horton's coffee and poutine-not at the same time, of course) and visits with family. Coming back yesterday, I faced last minute preparations for next week's Board meeting, and an early afternoon conference with school officials (teacher, aftercare director, school counselor and principal) to discus Hoss' meltdowns, defiance and inappropriate socialization. Surprisingly, I made it though almost the whole conference before needing a tissue. The school staff admired by ability to hold the tears back for as long as I did. Last night was also Back to School Night, so I has to rush out the door to go back to the school as soon as Hubby returned from his doctor appointment. I came home to a broken sink (the replacement part for which was not available at Home Depot) and a call from one of my credit cards saying they had not received the $2,023 payment I scheduled online last week to pay off the account in full, and I was therefore about to be reported to the credit bureau. I managed to do a masterful job of rearranging the schedule tomorrow to create a space for a conference call without have to create any conflicts for any of the senior mangagement level staff necessary. It was like one of those tile puzzles, where you slide everything around until you manipulate it into the right place. Then I got an email from one of the assistants telling me that she was really impressed with how smoothly I have run the meeting preparations on my own, even noting that it seemed that I have done a better job without my boss around! I got an email from the school with the sad news that the 15 month old niece of our assistant principal died in her sleep. Which, I have to say, make all of my downs seem quite minor. It's turning out to be a hell of a ride.


Blogger Pass The Torch said...

Oh man. There are always issues bigger than your own, I suppose. But it doesn't make life less stressful.

Hope you all find your groove.

And prayers to the AP's family.

Pass the Torch

9/20/2006 11:49 AM  

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