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I got an email from Harry and David, my go-to site for gift baskets and such. Although I do not need anything right now, the message sparked my memory about how we decided that those Fruit of the Month deals would be good gifts for the elder generation ("we" meaning I suggested, Nic agreed, and we informed by brother that we were implementing the idea). I ordered one for my great-aunt and one for my grandmother. Mimi's cancer treatments were making her lose weight so a gift of food might be good. Nanna wasn't watching her diet as she should and the doctor wanted her to lose some weight, so fresh fruit (good fresh fruit, I might add- have you ever gotten a H&D basket? they are awesome!) would be beneficial. The following year, long about Halloween, I got a mailing from Harry and David with a list of people to whom I sent gifts the previous Christmas. I had the option to check off each recipient and send them the same deal with a greeting. Nic and I were happy that our shopping was done so quickly, the relatives were happy because, seriously- this fruit is good. One of the health care workers told me how excited Mimi got everytime the package was delivered, and how she loved to share each month's selections. I called Harry and David to try to remove Mimi's name from my gift list, and I explained my reason. The problem is, the only way the customer service representative can't just remove the listing on a gift list unless I am placing a new gift order- the computer won't give her that option. So much for avoiding the awkward reminder come holiday time...


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