Still preoccupied with 19-19-1985

I went to Hubby's high school reunion with weekend. He went to a private, all boys school with a graduating class of around 300 guys. The 20 year reunion is the first one where the grads bring dates, so this was the first reunion I attended with him. Many of Hubby's high school friends stayed in his close circle of friends for awhile, but have now fallen into "acquaintance" status (Christmas cards are exchanged, maybe they bump into each other at the football game, but no other contact.) None of the guys we were so close to when we got married were at the reunion, so I spent most of the evening doing the "Nice to meet you!" gig. The invitation for the reunion boasted at 80's band including alumni from Class of '86, which I suspected meant "Kenny on sax." Kenny plays with the alumni jazz band with Hubby, and also sometimes calls on Hubby to sub with his swing band. Also at the reunion were Mark, who became a Christian brother and is now working as Hubby's music department assistant, and Rick, who was ordained as a priest not long after Hubby and I got married. Other than that, I knew nobody. The band was pretty good, and I was having a lot of fun but no one- seriously, not a single person- was dancing. Mark and Rick and I kept "woo hoo"ing after each song, getting a couple shout-outs from the band, but I couldn't convince anyone to come on the dance floor with me. I finally convinced Rick to dance at the end of the night. Me and the priest, having a good old time singing along with the band. So, to sum up, just like in high school, I was the geeky girl at the back of the gym who couldn't find anyone to dance with until someone totally unattainable took pity on me and danced along.


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