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My mobile phone is sitting on the kitchen counter, where I dropped it when I came home from the grocery last night. Since I am not at my home, it's not of much use to me right now. I got scheduled for a last minute conference call which ends 30 minutes after I typically leave work for the day. I forgot to verify that the sleeves on my blouse are loose enough to roll up far enough for a flu shot. They aren't. Luckily, only about half a dozen people had to be cleared from the room long enough for me to partially disrobe and expose my upper arm. The school nurse just called to let me know that Hoss fell in gym class and hit his head. He's doing OK neurologically (BTW, that is not a phrase one likes to have to hear. I mean, it's better than "He's not OK neurologically" but still...) but he's got a big lump on his head and needs to be observed. Honestly, it's always somthin'.


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    Hubby- aka DH My husband since 1995. He is the head of the band department at a college prep school, and dabbles as a wanna-be pop star.

    The Princess- aka DD. Third grader at the local parochial school. Loves butterlies, sparkly things, the color purple and has recently developed a crush on one of the twins from "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody". Is ready for her teenage years, having already perfected her exasperated sigh and dramatic eye-roll.

    Hoss- aka DS1. Kindergartener and resident spirited child. His aunt likes to call him "the evil genius" because of his penchant for letting a lack of intellectual stimulation lead him into mischief. Likes trucks, sports, building things and burping. His current favorite word is "underwear."

    Lil Joe- aka DS2. Born in 2003. Doesn't say much we can understand, but has mastered the important stuff ("eat!", "Wash hands!", "Want chocolate ones!", "Hockey game!") Likes to push buttons, much to the consternation of whoever is trying to watch a DVD. Firmly refuses to use the potty, despite evidence that he is physically ready to be out of diapers, indicating a level of stubborn that eclipses even that of his parents and siblings.

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