Driving me crazy

Apparently, if a driver is both clueless about the concept passing another driver who is turning and also not very good at communicating or writing down the appropriate information that is to be exchanged in the event of an accident, said driver is destined to be driving with me. Last night's incident was not really a repeat of my last accident, and the damage is not as severe, but seriously, what did I do to piss off the driving gods? I was in a lane in which either driving straight or turning right is permitted. The lane to my right is a right-turn only lane. So why would I even think to be watching to my right while I made the turn to ensure that the brand new SUV in the far right lane was indeed turning right instead of going straight? And why, once we had both stopped our cars and exchanged information, would I expect that I would be able to call this driver's insurance company and actually get help, as opposed to being told that the policy number and insured name I provided do not correspond to the name for that policy number in the system? Oh, and did I mention that, once again, this happened when I had the kids with me and Hubby was not available? So I was late bringing the kids home from school, and I was trying to report a claim while also attempting to get homework finished and dinner prepared.


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