Yet another post in which I moan and complain like a self-centered princess

The bullet points of my discontent
  • On Tuesday afternoon, one of my co-workers (not my boss, but the next person down the totem pole in my department) approached me. "Darling, we need to talk." I immediately thought I was in trouble. But no, he was trying to soften the blow of telling me that the cubicle next to mine (the one I use for filing and storage of all of the materials that my former boss cleaned out of her office and file cabinet, but I have no space for because I have no file cabinet) was needed for another staff member. He didn't know who was moving in, he only knew that the guy in charge of facilities told him to relay the message to me that I had until Friday to clear it out. Note that the facilities dude did not tell me this information, nor did he tell my boss to tell me this information, but rather told a random co-worker because he couldn't be bothered to look at the org chart and see who I actually report to.
  • I cleared out all of my stuff from the cubicle and found other locations for storage by the end of the day Wednesday, but sent the facilities dude a message that there were five boxes of items for shredding as well as random office supplies and such that were in the cube before I had use of the space remaining in the cube. I got no response.
  • As of 3:45 today (Friday, if you're keeping track) there has been no indication that anyone is moving into the cube.
  • It is rainy and cold today. A few hours ago, the fire alarm went off. Many, many people asked me if we were having a drill. "Let's assume we're not," I replied. Many, many people were standing directly outside of our building, under an overhang, blocking the path to the area in which we are supposed to congregate when we evacuate the building. "Excuse me," I said, "I need to get to the evauation area over by the courtyard." When these many, many people finally joined me in the courtyard, they bitched and bitched and bitched about having to evacuate the building in the rain, and complained "they shouldn't plan drills on such yucky days."
  • If we have an actual fire, instead of workers who accidentally set off the alarms, the firefighters will have to risk their own lives to save these morons who deserve to go up in flames.
  • Hubby has a band rehearsal tonight, to which he will travel immediately after work. So, I'm on my own to pick up the kids and take care of dinner. This will cause me to get home a bit later than normal.
  • Days like these (rainy and nasty) are the ones on which my in-laws like to be on the road as early as possible. As a result, FIL is likely to be in a foul mood by the time I get home, as will MIL (since she will bear the brunt of his constant "why haven't we left yet? We should be on the road by now! We always leave by 4:30!" grumpiness). No matter how many times she assures him that I will be home soon, he will be convinced that I am holding them up, even though they never leave by 4:30 because neither Hubby nor I even leave work until at least 4:30.
  • I made an eye doctor appointment for tomorrow afternoon, based on when Hubby is expected to be home from work, and have just found out that it conflicts with a counseling appointment for Hoss, which was not on the calendar.
  • My brother gave me a bottle of shiraz as a gift. I opened it last weekend when we had people over for the boys' birthdays, but by the time I got a chance to go back into the kitchen to pour a glass, it was empty. I'll have to ask my mom if it was any good so I know whether to try to find another bottle of it.
  • There is a ginormous zit waiting to pop out on my chin. I can feel it under the surface, but it hasn't made an appearance so that I can zap it with salicylic acid. I expect it to make its debut next Monday when I am in the middle of a meeting with the two perfectly poised and immaculately put-together ladies who are helping me plan the consortia meeting from Hell for OldBoss.
  • I have to miss my cousin's baby shower in a few weeks because I will be flying to a conference during which my shortest workday is expected to be 14 hours.
  • My nail polish chipped within 12 hours of my manicure.


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