A week to make me weak

So far this week I have experienced the following:

  • 31 hours of clocked worktime, despite the week being less than half over
  • Hearing both a guest speaker and a CXO drop the f-bomb
  • a tempest in a teapot about electronic access to documents, and who is or is not capable of keeping their darned mouths shut
  • a whole lot of examples of how my children only want me around when they are sick or injured
  • a three-day headache that is akin to a group of caffeinated squirrels slamming sledgehammers into my temple and eye socket.

And it's only Wednesday...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your work sound interesting, do you work for the Gov't???? access to documents, is sounds very cool.

1/12/2007 11:51 AM  

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