Today's selection from "Condescension Theater"

I just got a call from one of the VP's in my building. She had me on speakerphone so the Manager-Who-Likes-to-Flaunt-Her-MBA who was in her office could hear me as well. "I just heard the most intriguing thing!" VP gushed. "Is it true that you have an Excel spreadsheet that you have formatted to populate deadline dates for activities based on your meetings dates?" "It's not an Excel spreadsheet," I replied. "I use Microsoft Project. I created a template with the tasks I need to complete so that I can enter an end date and the due dates for each step are calculated for me." "Oh, that sounds like just what we need! Would it be OK if we set up a time for you to show us how you do it?" I agreed to a meeting in mid-December, which I said should only take 30 minutes (not so much because it's that incredibly easy, but because that's as much time as I can reasonably spare whilst smack in the middle of all my deadlines for the preparation for my Board meeting.) Isn't it just super that I've learned how to use a software application to do my job efficiently?! And that the entire administrative support in this woman's area is completely oblivious to the existance of it?! Gosh, teaching them to plan a project will be so much fun, just like a slumber party!


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