Sometimes, parenthood sucks

Do you know what one of the worst sounds in the world is? The exhausted, agonized screams of a three-year-old with an ear infection. I had to listen to those screams for the entire evening commute last night, because the homeopathic ear drops that might have eased the suffering were at my house, not my mom's, and the pain didn't start until mid-afternoon. The drops kept the pain under control for most of the night. I heard Lil Joe cry out a number of times, but he never woke all the way up (unlike his mama, who stayed awake on hyperalert at the slightest squeak from the angelbaby.) I would subject myself to all sorts of abuse if it meant that my children never had to have ear infections. Fill my cavities with no novocaine, set my hair on fire, anything- if it would save my kids from the searing pain that feels as though it's splitting their brain open, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Any sickness is bad, but I think ear infections are the worst possible scourge to be infliced upon pediatrics. Thankfully, I was able to get an appointment within an hour of the pediatrician's office opening, and we've filled the scrips for the oral and topical antibiotics (the tugging and poking he did at his ear to try to alleviate the pain opened the skin and caused a bit of a scab.) Seriously.


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