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Halloween is over, so that means one thing. It's time to be hit over the head with Christmas preparation. My parents, like many parents, have become hard to shop for. They rarely have any big gift ideas, if they want something, they tend to get it for themselves instead of asking their kids to do so. They aren't even buying gifts for each other, they're just buying themselves what they want and calling it Christmas. So, Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, you're getting the new flat-top stove you want (but haven't had time to really shop for, and since the ones Nic and I have are part of the reason you started wanting one, we'll get it for you.) My mother called me yesterday while I was at the grocery store. She wanted to know if the kids had lists, what sizes they wear currently so she could buy them some clothes, if there were any books or games I thought would make them especially happy. Needless to say, I haven't had time to compile Christmas lists for everyone, so we're having to wing it for now. The "gold, frankinsince and myrrh" idea (if Jesus only got three gifts, then three should be plenty for my kids) sounds really good right now. The reduced cost, shopping time and wrapping are as appealing as the lesson that we don't need a ton of stuff to have a happy holiday. We are hosting Christmas dinner for my side of the family. Last night, Hubby and I began discussing menu. In past years we've done lasagna, ham, pork roast, cornish game hens. "We should do something really nice this year," Hubby says to me. "We've always kept it simple before." Simple? I guess he sees it that way, since he wasn't the one with his hand up in the body cavity of a small fowl. We did come to a conclusion about our own gifts for each other, though. Every year Hubby asks me what I want, and jokes that he's not getting me anything since I won't give him any ideas (since, you know, being married to me for eleven years shouldn't give him any insight to appropriate gifts if there is not a specific something that I have my heart set on.) This year, I'm getting new engine parts (thanks to the $1400 bill from my mechanic last week) and he's getting new brakes (since, apparently, 24000 miles is all that our pads can handle. Our "cheap" car may be more expensive than I thought.) Merry bleeping Christmas.


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