No luggage needed, it's just a day (guilt) trip

Today is Administrative Professionals' Day (the day formerly known as Secretaries' Day). Amusingly enough, because I was promoted a few years ago, and therefore am a professional at a higher level of administrative duties (and on my way to being certified as an administrative professional), I am no longer on anyone's radar for recognition on Administrative Professionals' Day. We are still in the midst of my being on loan to OldBoss, and I stopped into his office a few minutes ago to drop off his expense check from last week's meeting as well as pick up his expense report for the meeting he attended earlier this week. He asked me what day today was ("Only two more days until the weekend! After today, right? Today is Wednesday, isn't it?") and I jokingly reminded him that it was not only Wednesday, but also Acknowledge Your Administrative Support People Day. "That's right," he said, "that is today. But since I don't have a...OH. Oh, God, yes I do!" "Not really," I said. "I'm not yours anymore." "No. I need to take you to lunch or something. Oh, geez, I'm sorry! I honestly remembered and thought about it logically, but my logic was faulty." "You seriously don't need to do anything. I'm just poking fun at how many executives have said that it slipped their minds. You know, since it's their secretaries who always remind them of upcoming important events. But there is no professionally appropriate way to say 'Hey, don't forget to get me a present', is there?" Which explains why the assistant down the hall had to order her own lunch for the department meeting, and why the Executive Assistant at my last company was the one who ordered flower arrangements for all of the support staff who covered the phones.


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