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That last post was probably a bit over the top, with the vague implications of breakdowns and such. My sister called me just to make sure that I was OK, and we discussed how I should develop a code system for the people who know me, just so I don't panic anyone. So, like the air quality index or the terror alert or whatever, I should note that Monday-Tuesday were code orange, downgrading to yellow as time went on. Without my Zoloft, we may have been looking at a code red- thank goodness for pharmaceutical advances. And while I am still not back to normal, and am not sure when I will be, I can say that things are getting better. I've progressed from being shut out completely (since the yelling that Hubby did on Monday night seemed to have taken away his ability to speak even simple words like "I'm going to bed now," or "I already made sandwiches" to me) to listening to him talk about his day and engaging in small talk. But I am still treating the topic that set him off as Voldemort, since we've already established what we are doing to address the item that needs to be addressed now, and we can't address the other items until later anyway. La la la, I think we will just talk about what I will fix for dinner, and the fact that I am probably crazy to take all three kids to the hockey game (even though I will have additional adult backup), and who will drive Hoss to his little friend's birthday party on Saturday, and the fact that my cousin had a baby. This has been a test of the Psycho Mama Warning network. Had this been a real psychotic breakdown, you would receive a frantic phone call. If I was not able to make a phone call, a call would be made by my officemates. This is only a test.


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