Don't get hot, 'cause girl you've got some hard times ahead

Hubby just finished another one of his rough times of the year, and now does not have to think about rehearsals or concerts or festivals or whatever until Fall. He can start golfing again! And riding his bike on weekends instead of having to work! When he came home on Thursday night, and I said he could breathe a sigh of relief, he said that "the gorilla is off [his] back." To which I told him that I now had the whole barrell of monkeys on mine. "Why?" he asked, proving that he has paid no attention whatsoever when I respond to his questions about what's going on at work, or how my various doctor appointments have gone. Had he been listening to my answers he would know the following:
  • The extra boss that I inherited earlier this year isn't exactly low maintenance
  • I am in charge of planning an offsite meeting for said boss, which takes place on June 11
  • June 11 falls right smack in the middle of my most detail-oriented, high pressure portion of the planning process for my June Board meeting
  • The time between meetings is usually about three months, but is compressed this time around
  • I don't know how to expand time to allow myself to do a three-month process in only 2 months without going batshit crazy
  • The dermatologist has requested that I schedule a biopsy, just in case
  • The school counselor has suggested that I make an appointment for Princess with the counselor who helped Hoss
  • Princess also needs an eye exam
  • And a dentist appointment
  • And a haircut
  • My pay raise for the new fiscal year will have to cover the cost of Lil Joe's preschool tuition
  • I will not know what my raise is until August, so I do not know what I can afford to spend on tuition
  • I cannot wait until August to enroll Lil Joe in preschool

And he wonders why I lose my cool.


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