Damned marital unity

My cousin is getting married in September, in Quebec. Growing up, I was pretty close to my cousin, even though she lived in another country. She's only a year younger than I am, and her family visited fairly often and we were pen pals in the interim. I was concerned about the timing of the wedding because one of my out of town Board meetings is in late September and I wasn't sure whether I could afford to take time off so close to the meeting. Well, the planets aligned, and the two days I would need to take off to attend the wedding happen to be two of the (few) days during September when I am not scheduled to be a complete stresswad. (Yes, I schedule my emotional upheaval, don't you? My next big breakdown is on the calendar for late August, after Hubby's transplant surgery and my boss going into labor.) And I was looking forward to a trip with Nic and my parents, just being able to have the nuclear family dynamic of years gone by... Not so much. Hubby is excited about going to the wedding, even though it means driving for 9+ hours to go see the union of two people he's met a total of twice in his entire life. Now, it's wonderful that he embraces that my family became his family when we got married. And it's wonderful that he is supportive of my desire to see my cousin start a happy married life. BUT... We will be travelling on a Friday and a Monday, days during which Princess and Hoss will be in school. Which means whoever is caring for our children in our absence will need to stay at our house and transport said children to school and ensure that they do their homework and such. Who do you think will be responsible for making sure that whoever is taking on this task knows where the school uniforms are and when the kids need to be dropped off and how to contact the pediatrician in case of emergency? Take a wild guess. It also means that I will not be able to ride with Nic and my folks because while 4 people can comfortably manage a road trip in my dad's car, 5 cannot. So, instead of one vehicle with 4 people splitting the driving, I will be in a vehicle where I am likely to be responsible for 50% of the time behind the wheel. And in all honesty, Hubby's not the best passenger ("KarenKarenKaren! There's a stop sign coming up!" "Yes, honey, that would explain why I am decelerating until the car is motionless.") Because my husband does not really know this portion of my extended family well, I will spend a healthy chunk of the weekend either explaining in-jokes and family stories or making myself neurotic about the possibility of Hubby feeling left out and ignored. Gah, stupid husband, being all nice to my family and wanting to spend time with us during happy occasions!


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