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I was at my parents' house on Friday night because my cousin and her fiance were in town for his brother's wedding. We all went to dinner and the two of them were getting ready to leave at the same time I was. Trevor asked my dad for directions to the highway, just to ensure that he knew where he was going. Since I was heading the same way, I offered to lead them. "Don't lose them," Dad said, "You need to go slow enough for them to follow." "I don't drive that fast!" I protested, "Not like you do." "Oh, really?" he replied. "And who was my kid who got a reckless driving ticket for driving 76?" "Um, that'd be Nic," I said. "No, it was you. On New Year's Eve that time," he argued. "OH! You mean the time that I was driving in the far right lane on Route 70 because everyone was whizzing past me so fast? And the cop in the unmarked car behind me said I was going 80, but also wrote down my driver's license number wrong and wrote 'M' in the box for 'Gender'? He couldn't tell I was a girl, but we're supposed to believe that he read the speedometer correctly? Seriously, if I was going 80, everyone else was going warp speed." "Doesn't matter. Just watch it, lead foot." So, I watched my speed and stayed within 5 miles of the speed limit until we got to the highway so I wouldn't lose Trev and Sarah. Last night when I picked Lil Joe up from my parents' house, my dad was home because he and Mom were going to the ball game. I pulled out of the driveway ahead of them, so Dad ended up following me all the way through the neighborhood until he got to the highway. And I could see him seething and riding my bumper as I maintained a consistent 25 miles per hour so as not to exceed the posted speed limit.


Anonymous nic said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha...

Wait, whattya mean "that'd be Nic?"

Dad never knew about that. Let's keep it that way.

5/25/2006 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Ha! That'll learn 'em.

5/31/2006 2:52 PM  

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