I should start sucking up now

I was just on the phone with my mother, talking about my grandmother and the possible logistics for Princess' First Communion in a few weeks. I sent Nanna an email earlier this week to make sure that she had the service and reception on her calendar, figuring that she and my mom would iron out the details of transportation and such. Mom told Nanna that we are keeping the guest list kind of small (i.e., only inviting the extended family members who actually interact with Princess throughout the year and know what's going on in her life), and warned me to be prepared for snarkiness ("Why did Karen invite Hubby's aunts and uncles and not her own godfather[my uncle Ned, the former altar boy and all around golden child]?") "Tell her that I invited everyone who sent Princess a birthday card last year," I joked. "If they weren't aware that she was the right age to have her First Communion, they aren't involved." "I'm not getting in the middle," Mom replied, "I've been telling Nanna fairly frequently not to talk to me about her complaints when I have no control over them. I hope you all aren't counting on your share of my share of the inheritence, because I think I'm getting dropped from the will." "What she gonna do, give it all to Uncle Ned?" I asked. "No, he's been ticking her off too," Mom told me. "He's in almost as much trouble with her as the rest of my brothers." "Maybe she's going to just skip all of you and give it to the grandkids," I said, "expect that we don't write thank-you notes in a timely manner." "How's she going to know if you write a thank-you notes once she's dead?" "She's been fussing about the thank-you notes for years, even when we do write them. I think I should get extra points for having the kids do their own thank-you notes, even if it takes a month or more to get them done. I'm sure she thinks it's cute." "You and your cousin Jen have already earned your points, you're the only ones who've given her great-grandchildren." It's nice to know that the swollen ankles and morning sickness were good for something.


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