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I leave tomorrow for my Board meeting in Jackson Hole. When my father heard I was going to Jackson Hole, his response was "Take a warm coat." Duh. Because it never would occur to me to take a coat to Wyoming in March. It is a balmy 16*F at my destination. Fabulous! Tomorrow's forecast- cloudy with snow showers in the morning giving way to a mixture of snow and rain by afternoon. Even more fabulous! Hubby called to ask me to make a list of what is available in the freezer to fix for dinner on the nights while I am gone. I said I would take a few things out and thaw them in the fridge. Which is fine with him, but is still "missing the point." The point being...opening the refrigerator door to look at the food is too taxing? A list of the dishes is more helpful than the printed cooking instructions on the food itself? Whatever. So I am off to lovely Wyoming for five days, during which I will be in a conference room, not on the ski slope or sightseeing in the Grand Tetons. And the kids will not miss me a bit, if my last trip is any indication. Cross your fingers that I don't get snowed in.


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