You know what's frustrating?

Suppose you were sending an email to a group of pretty important people, and the email included an attachment with an agenda for an upcoming meeting. And on said agenda, two of the recipients of the email were identified by name. It would be kind of embarrassing if you misspelled the name of one of those people. But what would be very frustrating would be the question of whether the person would be likely to even notice the typo, since it was only one teeny, tiny part of the document as a whole. And you would ponder, should you resend the document? Or would that draw attention to your error? Should you just correct the error so that it was correct on the final agenda or would you look as though you don't know the proper names of the people for whom you work? Should you just lay low, and if anyone notices, you will explain that you saw the error and have already corrected it? And have you already given the topic way more thought than is necessary? Not that this happened to me or anything.


Blogger Paul said...

> Should you just lay low, and if anyone notices, you will explain that you saw the error and have already corrected it?

Gets my vote. In most organizations that rely on email now (i.e. virtually all of them), there tends to be a tacit acceptance that typos will creep into mail, documents etc.

The best one that happened to me was when I wrote in a pretty important document, "the caller will receive a tone when the called party is busty." Did the Word spellchecker pick it up? Of course it didn't. It got quite a few laughs.

2/23/2006 4:03 PM  

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