Some messages are loud and clear

I worry sometimes that Lil Joe's verbal development is not where it ought to be. He is almost three, but doesn't have nearly as many recognizable words as his brother and sister did at his age, and still depends highly on physical communication instead of speaking. It seems as though he's getting the most important points across, though. Exhibit A: Setting- Gramma's kitchen. Lil Joe has climbed into his booster seat, indicating that we wants sustenance. Gramma offers him some breakfast.

Gramma: Would you like a fruit bar? Lil Joe: Noooo. Gramma: How about some Cheerios? Lil Joe: Noooo. Gramma: Toast? Lil Joe: Noooo. Gramma: Well, what do you want? Lil Joe: Muffins. Gramma: We don't have any muffins. Lil Joe: Muffins! [points across table toward Grandy's seat, gesturing toward the Dunkin Donuts bag.]

Incidentally, the bag did not contain muffins, but he was perfectly OK with eating his grandfather's coffee roll instead. And he toddled off happily to watch TV once his belly was full. Exhibit B: Setting- kitchen, a few minutes later. Mama and Gramma are chatting. Lil Joe enters.
Lil Joe: Want say "bye-bye" a Mama.
Me: Bye, sweetie, give Mama a kiss.
Lil Joe: [dodging]No. [waves in my face] Bye-bye, Mama!
[Mama finishes sentence in conversation]
Lil Joe: Bye-bye, Mama! [waves more forcefully] Bye-bye![tugs on my sleeve] BYE-BYE!

Gramma was surprised that Lil Joe spoke a complete sentence that she could understand. I was just glad he hadn't actually learned to say "Get your butt moving and go to work."


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