As though there aren't enough valid things to irritate me...

Some things should not annoy me, but do anyway. I try to rationalize that they are minor, and not worthy of my worry, but they still pick at me.

  • I cut my knee while shaving today. I've been doing at least three times a month since I was in high school, so I'm used to it by now. But this morning, I could not find any normal bandages to keep the blood from running down my leg. No one can see my knee because I am wearing trousers, so it doesn't matter that all I could find were VeggieTales and Disney Princess bandages. But why is it that when the kids need a bandage, the cartoon bandages are nowhere to be found, yet they they are the only available options when I need one?!
  • My cubicle is next to a network printer. Every night, when the cleaning crew comes through, they move my trashcan from inside my cube and set it next to the printer stand. It's only a couple feet, just enough distance that I cannot reach it from my desk chair. They never move my recycle bin (which could actually be useful next to a printer), just my trash can.
  • The departmental secretary who sits near me has a very loud voice. I mostly tune it out, but if I have to hear her tell one more person that some of her bills came back because she did not realize that the cost of stamps went up, I will shove a postal scale down her throat.
  • Everytime the coffee machine malfunctions, there is someone who puts a sign on it that says "Machine is BROKE!" Even if it were grammatically correct to say that the machine is broke instead of broken, I see no need for the caps and exclamation point.

See, if I use my energy to be irritated by stupid stuff, maybe I won't be able to think about my Board member whose wife's cancer came back, or my brother-in-law's organ rejection symptoms, or my impending car repairs, or...

Oh. Guess that's not working.


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