Family resemblence, take 2

When I was little, we had a very close relationship with my grandparents (both sets, but the following bit of rambling is regarding my dad's side of the family.) We often went to their house for dinner on a Sunday, and they would babysit for us so that my parents could go out. One of my vivid memories is of my grandfather's geode on top of the TV, complete with a lighted magnifying glass. Pop-pop used to spoil us rotten, as is the tendencies of grandfathers. Even if dinner was being served within 10 minutes, he didn't see a problem with giving me a piece of candy. Bedtimes were far from rigid- if I wanted another story, I would have another story, even though my eyes could barely stay open. It probably drove my parents crazy. This morning, Lil Joe came toddling out of the TV room as I was leaving my parents' house. Spying the package my father had left on the table, he pointed and exclaimed, "Cookie!" Mom and I told him he did not need a cookie, and tried to convince him to eat some cereal or graham crackers. "NoNoNoNoNo! Want cookie!" he said with big, pleading eyes. "Of course he can have a cookie," said his Grandy (amazing how that fat little finger can have a grown man wrapped around it.) And Dad opened up the package and handed Lil Joe a chocolate chip cookie. "Dad," I sputtered, "we can barely get him to eat proper foods as it is! Don't be giving him cookies for breakfast!" "One cookie won't make a difference," he said forcefully. "If a cookie makes him happy, why shouldn't I give him a cookie?" "OK, Pop-pop," I sighed, "do you want to slip him some money, too?" "Maybe I will," Dad smiled, "I don't see anything wrong with that." "You did thirty years ago," I replied as I headed to the car. Let's face it, we all become our parents, no matter how we may deny that we aren't going to.


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