Go, me.

Well, I made it to Jackson Hole with no issues. My supplies had arrived as scheduled, so I did not have to make a last minute run into town to use the Staples printing service. I managed to hold my own in a table-side conversation with one of our meeting attendees, to the point that she included me in a follow up email (along with two VP's and our top lawyer) when she sent a newsletter from a professional organization that had an article related to what we had discussed. The first meeting I had set up for my Board members did not have a speaker phone set up as it should, but I managed to get it in place in time to avoid being a disruption. The meetings went about as expected, except for two last minute cancellations, resulting in the addition of some more phone participation and a late night stop in the staff office to fax 40+ pages of handouts. I managed to take notes, despite the introduction of a motion that, I swear to God I am not exaggerating here, was three paragraphs long and took up almost a quarter of the page. I got through the entire week without doing anything stupid like cursing in front of a Board member or walking into the wrong bathroom or spilling coffee on my shirt. And I got my draft notes done today, a mere three business days following the meeting (the target in my yearly objectives is 5-7 business days- you better believe that this is being marked on the calendar so I remember that I did it). But, oh my damn, I am wiped out.


Anonymous nic said...

Go you. I keep meaning to ask how it went.

4/05/2006 4:57 PM  

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