And the hits just keep on coming

I overslept again this morning. My oversleeping yesterday meant that I skipped washing my hair, so I had to take the time to do it today, lest I look like a greaseball. As a result, I did not have time for breakfast. Early morning+hungry Mama= double plus ungood. Mr. B's story has begun hitting the news. According to our news radio station, there are two allegations, "inappropriate email" with one girl and "inappropriate contact" with another. Over a two-year period. Meaning, at least one of the girls is almost definitely from our school, since he just started at the other school last year (after five years at ours.) I have exactly one week until the run through for my Very Big Meeting, and exactly nine days until my briefing book has to be sent to the printers. I just turned in the mock-up of the book to LawyerBoss this morning because she needs to review it before I can give it to AdminBoss and FigureHeadBoss. Some of TPTB are coming up with brand new items that need to be added to the agenda this afternoon. My obsessive plan to have it all done in plenty of time is unravelling, and I have visions of having to courier it to the printer at the last possible second. I forgot to thaw anything out to eat for dinner. I'm too darned tired to go out. My MIL "helped out" on Friday when she was watching the kids by doing some laundry. Now I can't find DD's school jumper or any of DS2's shorts. I got eaten alive by bugs at the picnic on Sunday, and every pair of work appropriate shoes I own rubs against at least one of the bug bites. And I'm out of diphenydramine. When I got home from work yesterday, there was a message from the lady from the bank. She said she had a question about the new account I just opened. I called her back today. She is out until Friday. She left no note regarding what she needs to know about my account. The bank lady I spoke with would not deliver a message. The vendor who did not show up to my departmental picnic (August 27) still has not returned my calls to explain why he did not show up.


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