Maybe I'm just antisocial

OK, y'all know that I have some issues with conversation in the ladies' room. But this week, I hit rock bottom. We have three stalls in the rest room. Most women are good about going to one end or the other, allowing for one more person to use the facilities without jeopardizing the "buffer stall." I entered, and both end stalls were in use, so I had to go to the middle. This conversation was already in progress, so it just continued over my head. "I was at the shoe store at lunch, and all of his shoes were on sale. I just love his designs!" "Were they mostly the summer ones, or the Fall designs?" "All of them. There were some really cute suede ones, about the heel height you usually wear. But I couldn't wear them, they're too narrow! I have such big ole feet. They'd look cute on you, though." "Actually, my feet are wide. What I do is buy a half size larger to make up for them being narrow." "I tried that, but my foot kept sliding forward so my heel didn't stay in place." Now, I love a shoe sale as much as the next woman (even if the next woman is Imelda Marcos.) But did this conversation have to take place whilst peeing? Either these two ladies arrived at the stalls at the same time, in which case they could have waited until they were at the sinks to chat, or one of them is way too good at recongizing her co-workers by their feet as she approaches. And that creeps me out a bit. Maybe I should start using the restroom on the third floor; everyone up there is too snotty to talk to each other.


Blogger kalisah said...

I couldn't agree more. And the other rule, that women so often ignore? NO NAMES IN THE RESTROOM! If you are washing your hands, and I walk in, say "hi" if you want but please refrain from using my name. The woman in the other stall does not need to know my identity.

8/27/2005 8:09 PM  

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