Whose birthday is it, anway?

Last weekend, after the CD release party for the band, DH informs me that he invited them all over on Sunday night for a cookout to celebrate my birthday. Which is fine, I'm all for celebrating, but since I've only met most of the band members two or three times ever, they probably wouldn't be the first people I'd put on the top of the guest list for my birthday. Long about Tuesday or Wednesday, I asked DH if he planned to invite anyone else to the cookout. He said he was thinking of inviting our friends Todd and Sharon, since we haven't gotten together with them for awhile, and their son is about a year younger than DS2, so they would probably have fun playing together. Again, I'm happy to see Todd and Sharon, and I looked forward to seeing the baby, but since Todd is basically DH's friend more so than mine, the guest list still wasn't making a lot of sense. On Saturday, we had a departmental picnic. Nic and MrNic were there, and helped a great deal in corralling the three kids, especially when I had to put on my Social Committee hat and hand out door prizes and such. I wasn't sure whether DH had invited Nic and MrNic to the cookout that was allegedly for my birthday, what with them being my family and all. Even if he did invite them, I was pretty sure they wouldn't be able to come with so little notice and with having been out at the work event on Saturday. Still, I mentioned it to Nic, and she confirmed that, no, he had not invited them. I sensed that she wasn't offended by it, though. So, Saturday evening, after we got back from the picnic, DH starts planning how we are going to be the house cleaned in time for people to come over on Sunday afternoon. If I pick up and dust the living room and dining room, he'll vacuum it after the kids are in bed. If I clean the bathrooms after I bathe the kids while he is out golfing on Sunday morning, he'll do the last minute stuff (last minute toy clean-up, putting a tablecloth on the table.) Sunday morning, DH got back from golfing with barely enough time for me to go to church after he decided what I needed to buy from the grocery. Before I left, though, he took a few minutes to call both of his brothers to invite them to the cookout. After church, I did my weekly shopping trip as well as picking up stuff for the party, although I still didn't know how many people were expected. As I left church, DH had called with some additional items that he had forgotten to tell me earlier, as well as asking me to also pick up the beer, since he didn't think there would be time after I got back for him to go back out. He had to tell me what kind to buy anyway, since I wasn't planning on drinking any of it (I did tell him which wine to chill while I was out, though.) He was right, incidentally, since the guests were supposed to arrive around 3:00, and I didn't pull into the driveway with my van full of groceries until 3:15. Two of my party guests helped me unload the car while DH put the beer into coolers. Let's review- Guest list: DH's friends and family; my contribution to my party- all of the shopping (except for the vegetables he picked up from the produce stand near the golf course,) setting out the chips and salsa, fixing the cheese tray, marinading the pork chops, seasoning the zucchini, boiling the corn, setting out the plates and utensils. Oh, and drinking 3/4 of the bottle of wine; DH’s contribution: shucking the corn (with help from one of the guests,) standing over the grill. So today, since I was off work already, I decided not to do the laundry, as originally planned, and instead put DS2 in the stroller and went shopping for new clothes. Happy birthday to me.


Anonymous nic said...

Yesterday afternoon I considered dropping by to see if I could take you out for a birthday lunch to get you out of the house so DH wouldn't be making you do all the work. I guess I should have.

Remember this next year for his birthday, and I hope it was good wine.

8/29/2005 5:10 PM  

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