Like the Vulcan mind meld, if my sister happened to be Mr. Spock

For a number of years, my sister and I worked in the same division of the company for whom we were both employed. At first, I worked in a cubicle a few doors down the hall from her office. Then, a few months later, we had some office moves that put each of us in a different one of our company's three buildings. If someone left voicemail or email messages for her without getting a response, they would stop by my cube. My cube in the building that was not the one housing her office. As a matter of fact, my building was the one attached to the company's garage, so we wouldn't even be parked in the same area in most circumstances. "Is Nic in today?" folks would ask. Regardless of the fact that she and I do not live together, and do not make a habit of phoning each other upon waking, everyone assumed we would be able to account for each others' whereabouts. It used to frustrate me, the expectation that we had some sort of psychic bond based on our sibling relationship. But today, I had a converastion that made me realize that there may be some validity to that expectation. "I saw Phil at the hotel yesterday," I told her. "I was teasing him about eating nothing but doughnuts for breakfast, and so was...oh, crap, I can't remember her name...that girl from the other building who was friends with that other girl..." And she actually knew who I was referring to. But Nic couldn't remember her name, either.


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