Since I can't think of 100 things

...not 100 of any interest, anyway
Thirteen (totally random) Things aboutMamaKaren
1…. For someone who loves to talk, I am lousy at coming up with things to say about myself. 2. When I did not color my hair, everyone thought it was dyed. Now that I do color it, everyone assumes it is my natural color. 3. My favorite TV show is "Sports Night". I enjoy this show, some would say, to a psychotic extent. 4. I am afraid of falling. 5. This is not the same thing as being afraid of heights. I am totally fine on a 75th floor balcony, if it has a good railing to protect me, but become almost ill at being on a wobbly footstool. 6. I have low blood sugar. 7. This is a convenient excuse to eat frequently. 8. Because I eat almost constantly, my portions tend to be small. 9. I'm not very good at all-you-can-eat restaurants anymore. 10. Except breakfast buffets. I can probably eat twice my weight in breakfast food. 11. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate. 12. And shoe shopping. 13. I had to miss my uncle's wedding in 1991 because I was doing sound and light for a Worldwide Marriage Encounter conference. Links to other Thursday Thirteens! 1. Zoot, who needs a vacation from her vacation preparation 2. Sarah's cat 3. Susan, whose guacamole recipe I need to try. 4. Kailani, as she looks at the sunny side of life (which is probably easy to do in Hawaii) 5. Trina, who on the soggy side of life 6. Carmen, who is also soggy, but is looking forward to the weekend. 7. Summer Girl, a fellow first time TT'er. 8. Stacy, including some awesome pictures of the garden 9. Kandis, showing how life doesn't always turn out as expected
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Blogger Sarah said...

I LOVED Sports Night! It is a crime that it wasn't on TV longer. Sports Night on DVD is at the top of my Amazon list of things I need.

6/29/2006 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I like your list - I did random stuff, too. I had total writer's block and just started at the screen for an hour, so don't feel bad, I couldn't think of things to say at first, either. I've never watched Sports Night, I'll have to check that out. I realized I'm out of practice at buffets, too. I just can't eat my money's worth anymore, lol. My DH has gotten my addicted to chocolate, and he's working on the coffee.

6/29/2006 2:50 PM  
Blogger Happy0303 said...

I'm all for shoe shopping, too! Did you see the new spring Guess line? They have a white one called "Bailey" that's alread sold out in our entire state. That's why I love online shopping!

6/29/2006 2:51 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Addicted to shoe shopping. Aren't we all! :)

6/29/2006 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Trina said...

Coffee and Chocolate... My two weaknesses!

My TT is up! Check out the flood pictures from this week!

6/29/2006 3:20 PM  
Blogger Summer Girl said...

I'm a first timer too! And I'm addicted to shoe shopping too! (and purse shopping, and clothes shopping and all things accessories... etc, etc, etc) :)

6/29/2006 3:20 PM  
Blogger ~Kandis~ said...

I am SOOO addicted to shoe shopping!!! Great T13!

6/29/2006 4:09 PM  
Anonymous Stacy said...

Great first time list, welcome! I'm afraid of falling and also of heights :) I can eat my weight in breakfast food or chocolate, and I have recently found I love coffee. :)

Have a great day; I played too...

6/29/2006 4:24 PM  

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