This wouldn't happen if I had a private office. With a kitchenette.

I brought a glass measuring cup into work and put it in the kitchen, next to my coffee maker (the company does not give us coffee, so every available kitchen-like space has people's private coffeepots and stashes of java.) It's gone. Like so many other things that go into the kitchen, it has sprouted legs and walked away. Well, some items don't walk away, then only partially disappear. The last time I put a bottle of sparkling water in the fridge, half of it had been consumed by the kitchen gremlins when I removed it at lunch. People can leave their purses and wallets unattended without issue, but leave a sandwich in the fridge and you could be in for a bad shock. The flavor balance of my chai latte is off because I had to eye-ball the amounts of chai and milk. I drink decaf chai tea because it's supposed to keep me less strung than my coffee, but if my jerk-hole coworkers don't stop taking my stuff from the kitchen, I will go postal, "soothing red tea and honey" or not.


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