Boys are stupid

With apologies to MrNic and ChrisCactus. You guys are the exceptions, of course. I was in my friend's office earlier. It was her husband's turn to stay home with the sick child, because she couldn't reschedule her morning meeting. The phone rang, and she rolled her eyes slightly as she answered it. Husband was calling (again) to ask a question that (a) he should have been able to figure out on his own, since he's been a parent for almost eight years, and (b)actually could have waited until the end of the work day, when Mommy came home. I am signing DS1 up for ice skating lessons, and his classes will be on Saturday mornings, starting on November 5. I have a dentist appointment on the morning of November 19, so DH has Daddy duty. "But that means I'll have to take DS2 with me, and have him at the rink for the whole lesson time! Do you know how tough it's going to be to keep him occupied and out of trouble?" Hmmm. Gee, can I figure out how much of a hassle it is to take the younger siblings to the skate rink during a lesson? Maybe the fact that I did it five times during the 12 weeks that DD took lessons might provide me a frame of reference! The difference is, I did it with two little boys, not just one. We had a planning meeting after work for an upcoming event. One of my cohorts told her fiance that she wasn't sure when it would end, but probably around 7:00, so she wouldn't get home until well after they normally ate dinner. When the meeting ended, we all grabbed a quick bite at a nearby sandwich shop before heading home. Fiance called to ask for an arrival status, and got really pissy that she got dinner with us instead of coming home. "Well," he said in a put-upon voice, "I guess I can go out and get myself something." Since, you know, all the groceries she had just bought weren't sufficient for him to make himself something to eat. I was discussing holiday plans with my mom. I tried to get an idea from DH about what his side of the family has in place, since Christmas falls on a weekend this year and our regular schedule may have changed. Also, he has a football game to go to on Christmas night (8:30 kickoff). And I'm starting to ask him for a Chirstmas list so we can start shopping. "Why do you have to ask me about this now?" he asked me, "I've got a lot going on at work for the next few weeks. We don't need to worry about this for another month!" I relayed each of these situations to some friends and co-workers. The ladies all nodded in sympathy, the guys all wondered what the issues were.


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