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Yeah, it's that time of year again. Nic and I are putting on our sneakers and trying to save the world, one charity walk at a time. We arrive early, in hopes of finding some new information in the pamphlets and booths set up at the registration area. Maybe, if we attend enough of these events, we'll be given the magic bullet to keep our lives disease-free. Last week it was Alzheimers Disease. I saw some familiar faces, mostly at the Creative Memories table. I also found my new favorite t-shirt. Every so often with this walk, I see a slightly glazed look in someone's eyes, or hear a walker having to speak a certain way to a companion, and I get a glimpse of my future. Tomorrow is the Walk for Diabetes. One difference between that walk and many of the others is the absence of Krispy Kremes at the finish line. TheHeart Walk is in November. Heart disease is the leading killer of women in America, but is largely unrecognized. Cardiac problems in women will often manifest themselves in the form of nausea, back pain, shortness of breath. And how often do we really pay attention when we feel like that? In short, I'm trying to put myself out there to raise awareness and support the various causes that mean something to me or to somebody I care about. And if I follow the instructions from every one of these causes (eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, stay socially active) then maybe I've got a chance to beat some of it. So, if any of these causes mean something to you, or if you've got another cause that touches you, make a donation or send me an email. I may add it to my list of steps to take.


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