OK, I can be honestly thankful

I know I sounded really bitchy in my last post, which is totally not how I should be at the holidays. Anyway, to update- MIL has asked me to bring some red wine, having realized that the jug they have on hand might not be enough. She (read: FIL) had a better day yesterday and is not nearly so stressed as she was earlier in the week, but I still think I may grab a small hostess gift (B&BW shower gel and lotion) in a meager attempt at giving her a bit of pampering. She also asked us to bring some folding chairs, so I assume that FIL's sister (who had a stroke in September, and who normally goes to her daughter's house for Thanksgiving, but said daughter is in Italy taking care of her laboring DIL) and DH's uncle will, indeed, be coming to dinner. She is the only sibling FIL has, so DH has been worried about their family as age and disease take their toll. I'm glad they won't be alone. DH had the day off work today, and DD was off school, so they called me from the diner to let me know what a wonderful, huge pancake breakfast they were enjoying at 9:00 this morning. The are currently at the movies (Chicken Little, since Wallace and Grommit is no longer playing anywhere near us.) So, they got a bit of Daddy-daughter bonding time. There was a huge accident on the highway this morning, shutting down traffic for many hours. A tanker full of gasoline caught fire, but no one was hurt. The driver smelled the fumes, pulled off the road, and stopped traffic to make sure no one was near the truck before it exploded. All of a sudden my concerns yesterday, and my memories of my own car accident on the day before Thanksgiving five years ago, seem like small potatoes. As quirky and screwed up as it may sometimes seem, my life is still pretty darned good. Happy turky day, y'all.


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