My barista is trying to kill me

OK, I'm going to pass what happened this morning off to an innocent mistake, not a fiendish plot to drive me over the edge. I made a much needed visit to the Starbucks that is near my mom's house on the way in this morning. That is my Starbucks of choice on my early days, as it has a drive-thru and allows me to get a treat for the boys if they want one. So, I pull up and order my triple grande caramel macchiato and a cinammon scone for Hoss. (He was very angry at me last week when I got my drink but did not get him a scone. The fact that he did not mention his desire for a scone was irrelevant, I was just a mean mommy for not buying one for him.) There were two baristas making drinks, and I think both were in training, so the drink orders were getting kind of backed up. The cashier gave me my pastry, and as I waited for my drink, she took the order of the lady behind me. She got my drink, wished me good morning, and off I went. As I stopped at the light around the corner from the Starbucks, I grabbed by drink to take a swig. Imagine my surprise when I got a mouthful of lowfat hot chocolate instead of what I had ordered. I can only assume that the woman behind me (who ordered the hot chocolate) ended up with my caramel macchiato. I hope she realized it faster than I did. Dude. When I order three shots of espresso and I have NONE? Very bad scene.


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