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OK, I know that my writing style on this site would make my English teachers cringe. I write the way that I talk when I post here, which means that it is a babbling mess of tangential run-ons. (That sentence originally read "...babbling mess of fragmented run-ons" until I remembered that run-on sentences and fragments are opposites.) But, when necessary (business meetings, etc.) I speak and write in a grammatically appropriate manner. Is it completely out of line for me to expect newscasts to be correct?! I was very upset to hear that a recent school bus accident was being recreated, since it should, of course be reconstructed. It was bad enough the first time, we don't need it to happen again. And there are not going to be less drivers in traffic if they fix the timing of the signals, there will be fewer drivers. And people need to pay attention to what an acronym stands for if they plan to use an acronym in conversation. If I hear "For your FYI" one more time, I am going to kill one of my co-workers. (He's the same guy who continually uses the work "irregardless," though, so my irritation quotient is high when I talk to him anyway.) I'm also not very pleased with the folks around here who invite us to contact "...[so and so] or myself..." if we have questions. No. I won't contact yourself. You can talk to yourself if you wish to, I will just talk to you. This mangling of the English language is an atrocity up with which I cannot put. (Note my efforts not to end the sentence with a preposition, and not to split the infinitive in this comment.)


Blogger MP said...

Hear, hear! I am SO with you on this topic. Aren't we fun to be around?

4/25/2005 8:54 PM  

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