Resolution #1- stop being so random!

just to show that I don't really pay any heed to New Year's resolutions, here is a random assortment of potentially blogg-y thoughts, none of which have developed into full posts. My Amazon wish list looked like the schedule for the Colin Firth film festival. Last night was the first feature, Love Actually. I'm not a big Hugh Grant fan, and he was supposed to be the big draw in this movie, but it's hard to do a Colin Firth marathon without seeing Hugh. Bummer. Anyway, it was good. Not great. I enjoyed it, I feel confident in saying that DH would loathe it. Too much of the unrealistic HG storyline for my taste(Hugh Grant as Prime Minister?! God help the UK.) Not enough development of the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman storyline. They are both very talented, and I wish I had seen more of a resolution for them. And I hated his secretary. Speaking of secretaries, many of the comments on IMDB.com were slamming the writers for making all of the female jobs ones of the traditional, support variety (secretary, housekeeper, catering manager, mom) while the men were more high powered (editor, writer, PM.) Usually I get really riled up about women being demeaned, but I didn't get upset by the movie. Then I realized- the movie isn't demeaning the women, the commenters were demeaning support positions by implying that there is something shameful about them. There is something not right about a commute in which the first, drive-the-boys-to-Gramma's-house leg (30ish miles) takes half as long as the 10ish mile drive-to-the-office leg. Even though I did not take time off last week, it's been a crazy couple days at work. You see, everyone I work for was out, so all of their insanity is shared; all of the stuff that accumulated in their in-boxes for the past 10 days is coming due. We all know what rolls downhill, and I'm left holding the bucket. I did work last week, because the admin support from the other department in my division was all gone, and I agreed to provide back-up. My definition of "provide back-up" is to do necessary tasks that cannot be done by the others in the department, and to handle emergency projects. The director of the unsupported department apparently defines "back-up" as "full coverage of all the stuff that I feel is beneath me because I have an advanced degree, even though it takes me twice as long to provide MK with access to all of the necessary documents and software necessary to complete the tasks as it would have taken me to do the data entry my own darned self." Yeah, that's gonna encourage me to continue to be a team player. Apparently today is De-lurking Day. I know some of y'all don't comment because you don't want to be anonymous and you don't have Blogspot accounts, but throw me a bone here, won't ya please?! Maybe if I feel like people really want to read my stuff, I will be motivated to learn about Moveable Type and such things, and make myself a blog that doesn't depend on the Blogger templates. Although, that's a lot of learning on my part, because I'm pretty clueless at this point.


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