today would have been a good sick day...

I hit the snooze too many times trying to avoid my early-morning headache and ended up not hauling my sorry ass out of bed until almost 5:00, so I got into the shower late and then DS1 decided to come in and visit (i.e., leave the door wide open when he came in so that when I stepped out of the shower I froze my hoo-hahs off) and had wet his pants instead of using the potty. Despite the ice-pick searing its way through my left eye, I did manage to lay out clothes for both boys and to get myself dressed in clothes that actually go together (including pantyhose with no run, at least none that I can see.) DH pissed me off by snottily reminding me to put away my make-up case when I was done with it instead of leaving it sitting open on top of the toilet, even though I always close it up and put it away when I'm done with it and the more common problem is that I get interrupted whilst applying my make-up by children who insist that I am the only parent capable of giving them any attention and therefore I have to give myself a decent looking face in stages. After dropping the boys at the babysitter, I decided to stop at Panera for a muffin and a house latte, which would have been OK if the girl making the drinks had not decided to e-v-e-r s-o s-l-o-w-l-y prepare each person's drink only after asking them at least twice what it was they had ordered, and if she had decided to actually make the drinks in the order they were asked for instead of taking care of two people who asked for their drinks after I had begun waiting for mine before she bothered to make mine, and if she had actually made me the decaf house latte I asked for instead of just a plain latte. And when I got out to the car, when I fished in my purse for my security badge so I could get into the parking garage at work and access the non-lobby doors of my office, I realized that my badge was nowhere to be found. So I took the parking ticket dealio, which I will have to get validated so that I don't have to pay for being in the garage all day, and I headed to the lobby of our office. It was about 2 minutes before official start time, so the door was still locked, and the receptionist just sort of looked at me standing there. She finally rolled her eyes at me and e-v-e-r s-o s-l-o-w-l-y came around the desk to open the door for me, as I apologized and explained that I didn't have my badge, I wasn't just being lazy in expecting her to open the door for me. So I got to my desk and opened up my e-mail to find that one of the bigwigs has scheduled meetings for my boss and co-workers that may cause me to totally rearrange the carefully crafted, house-of-cards-like schedule that I put into place for our new employee to meet with the immediate world next Monday. And the day has just begun...


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