In the pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's probably hard to miss that fact, since all sorts of stores, news outlets, etc. are publicizing the fact, but I'll do my part to make sure that everyone if fully informed. How can you help the cause? Oh, let me count the ways! A great way is by going to The Breast Cancer site and clicking on the button. That's it. You can help fund mammograms just by clicking. It's free. How cool is that? The Susan G. Komen Foundation has information and sponsors events all year round, mostly notable the Race for the Cure. The MD Race for the Cure in next weekend in Baltimore. And guess who is walking? Mugging for charity walk support There are a lot of businesses getting in the action, too. When I stopped at Panera this morning, I saw their Pink Ribbon bagel. (It's not pink, thank God. I don't think even I could stomach that.) A portion of the purchase price goes to breast cancer research and treatment. Casual Corner is selling a pink ribbon bracelet, Lee has a whole line of pink ribbon apparel to benefit the Komen Foundation. My friend Jen is doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day next Spring. It's a tough walk, I did it in 2002, but it's a great, profound experience. How can you help yourself? You've heard it before, I'm sure. Monthly self-exams, regular exams from your doctor, mammograms. There are unavoidable risk factors (most notably, family history and being female, although men are at risk as well) which makes early detection so important. The best way to help yourself is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be proactive. Something isn't quite right? Talk to your doctor, don't ignore it. OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox. At least for now.


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