Talking 'bout pop music

I bought a new 80s compilation CD. I like to listen to it in the car, since I spend so much time there. I will admit, some of the songs are crap. But, honestly, weren't a lot of things during the 80s kind of crappy? Really- the mullet? Neon t-shirts? "Misfits of Science"? The McRib sandwich? Anyway, since a great majority of the time I am in the car is spent with at least one child, they are listening to my CDs as well. DH and my sister are not happy about this at all. Being married to a musician means that I hear a lot of commentary about the ability to properly play instruments, and the advantages of real instruments over synthesizers, and the necessity of developing lyrics that have some sort of meaning. And my sister hated 80s pop during the 80s. I played the CD last Saturday while the kids and I were cleaning up the house, then I played it again in the car yesterday. As soon as DS1 heard the opening "Boom, boom, lacka-lacka-lacka, boom" he started clapping his hands. By the time we got to the chorus, DD has joined in, so I had Was Not Was coming from the speakers in front, and the under-six set backing us up
Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur
Great fun. But now Nic is threatening to report me to child protective services. Honestly, I think I can defend myself against the claim that Wall of Voodoo, Falco and Spandau Ballet constitute abuse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you could offer them so much more...Procol Harum. Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Jethro Tull!

10/08/2004 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wall of Voodoo would, IMO, constitute musical abuse. I recommend some Siouxsie/Banshees or Stranglers as an antidote if the exposure has been constant, ABC or Depeche Mode if the exposure has been mild.

10/08/2004 9:15 PM  
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