The morning after

Well, another election over. Thank God it didn't take as long as it did four years ago. In all honesty, I didn't like either candidate. One branch of my family, either the family I was born into or the one I married into, will be very disappointed in my decision, so I'm not saying who I voted for. (It really doesn't matter a huge deal, I guess. MD is always a Dem state, so voting for Kerry would have just reinforced it and voting for Bush wouldn't make a dent.) So far today, I've heard gloating from the winning side and vitriolic outrage from the losing one, both of which are bugging me. The left-wing is assuming the worst, and attacking anyone who was blind and stupid enough to re-elect "the Chimp in Chief." The right- wing is acting as though the victory was so decisive that President Bush is our Savior. Me? I just have a headache. So, here's my take. Kerry supporters- it's done. Take each day as it comes, and don't react to what you think is going to go wrong until it does. In four years, you get to vote somebody else in anyway. Bush supporters- you won, but it was too close to make a huge deal over. Don't assume that everyone agrees with you. Do something to make things seem right instead of bulldozing the people who think they seem wrong. Oh, and a note to AnnaTurbo, if she's reading this- thanks. You nailed just what I was trying to say. Now I don't feel so dumb about trying to say it.


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