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About a month ago, I switch wireless service. My contract with the carrier I had used for the past few years (whose tagline promotes "...many solutions") was not up yet, but I had been having some problems with dropped calls, billing goofs, missing paper statements, etc. Also, my parents, Nic and MrNic, and DH were all on a different carrier. By adding my number onto DH's bill, I would save $20 a month, share my minutes with DH, and have free in-network calling. Since probably 99.9% of my mobile to mobile calls are to people in my family, it seemed like a good idea. The early termination fee would be balanced by the monthly savings, and I would have better mobile service. My old account was set up to auto-bill to my credit card. I checked my credit card statement today to make sure that the billing hadn't been screwed up and charged me for service after I had switched over to the new carrier, and was surprised to see no charge at all for the month, despite the payment being scheduled for December 15. I called customer service to ask about it, customer service transferred me to payments, and the payment person informed me that the autopay had been cancelled on November 19. So, without my knowledge, and before I had cancelled my account, they terminated my autopayments. So, my December payment is late already. The payment lady verified that there wasn't a late charge showing, and as long as I pay it by January 15 the account there will not be a problem. She did note that I should make sure I put my account number on the check to make sure it doesn't get credited to a different account, since my phone number is no longer in the system. Hmm, cancelling autopayments, crediting money to other people's accounts. Those don't sound like the "solutions" I want from a wireless carrier. It's good that I have a new one that works for me now.


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