Giving thanks

It's that time again. Thursday is the big day. So, here is a list of some of what I am thankful for (the stuff you might not have guessed, that is. I'm assuming that everyone understands that I really am thankful for the roof over my head and having a good job and a family who loves me.) I am thankful that my mother is hosting Thanksgiving, because I have enough trouble getting a basic dinner from the kitchen to the dining room without something getting dropped or spilled on the way, and because my dining room is just too damned small to seat anyone else. I am thankful for the distinct personalities of my three children. Because God knows that if all three of them had DD's gift of gab, DS1's energy or DS2's appetite I would have thrown myself off a cliff by now. I am thankful that the Starbucks on the way to Mom's house has a drive through. The thought of taking both boys into the store while I get my latte is just plain scary. I'm thankful for Peapod. Especially during football season. I'm thankful for amalah's Wednesday Advice Smackdown, Television Without Pity and Snarkywood because sometimes I just need to see the snark. I'm thankful for the ability to organize and pay almost all of my bills online. I'm not thankful for how quickly I can pay out what I just received in my paycheck, however. What are you thankful for?


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