I'm an ambassador now!

I had my first ClubMom summit last night, and I am so excited to be an ambassador! I joined ClubMom a few years ago, because they had a booth set up at the mall and they were giving away free commuter mugs (nice stainless steel ones!) I registered my grocery card and credit cards so I could earn points. I love free stuff, y'know? Anyway, the program is getting so much bigger now, and when they gave me the chance to be a ClubMom ambassador, I jumped at the chance. Test out new products and give my opinion? You bet! Talk about what I want from retail partners? Bring it on! Give my opinions on matters that are important to moms? Sit down, I'll give you an earful! This is a great chance for moms to get recognized and have an impact on business and community decisions. I am so excited for this opportunity. But we need more members! Some of the retailers that ClubMom approached were willing to participate, but only if our membership rose to 5 million moms- right now we're only 1.5 million. So, all you moms (or anyone who knows a mom), log on to the website or call 1-800-CLUB MOM to register (it's free) and use the referral code 7592814008. You can start earning reward points, getting discounts and coupons from local retailers, and have a chance to make connections and make a difference!


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