picky, picky, picky

I have a lunch meeting tomorrow, and I don't work closely enough with everyone involved to know if there are any dietary issues (observant Jews, vegetarians, etc.) so I sent an email asking if anyone had any restrictions. It's only decent of me to do, I think, having been on the starving end of "there's nothing here for me to eat!" myself. I should know better than to offer- I could have just ordered a sandwich tray and let people deal with it themselves. What with somebody being low carb and somebody being low fat and somebody can't tolerate MSG and somebody doesn't like tossed salad... We've only got a limited number of catering options at the office, and I can only do so much, you know? I ordered boxed lunches. One is meatless. Two are ham, two are beef, three are poultry. Pick if off the darned bread if you want to, I don't care anymore. Now all I have to do is make sure I have proper drinks (let's see, I've got caffeine and sugar, caffeine but no sugar, sugar but no caffeine, no sugar and no caffeine, and water. If anyone asks for lemonade for iced tea because they don't like water but they don't want anything fizzy, I'll throw the ice bucket at them.)


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