Peeves and annoyances

If I put "lunch will be served" in the first line of the meeting invitation, please do not ask my boss multiple times if I am going to be serving lunch at the meeting or whether you need to bring your own food. Because he will make me send another email telling everyone that I am serving lunch, and I really want the text to be "Since, apparently, you didn't bother to read the initial message, this is to inform you that lunch will be served at tomorrow's meeting. Not that you deserve to get free lunch, because you are a big pain in my butt." If you tell me to create a form to fill in hotel information for the people who are attending the conference, do not fuss at me that you can't find the Excel spreadsheet where the information is supposed to be entered when I have sent you an email telling you that the list that needs to be completed is in MSWord in a chart form, and I have told you exactly what subdirectory of the network drive it is on (giving you the file name, complete with ".doc" filename extension.) Information that is completely in text form does not belong in a spreadsheet, it belongs in a chart. I said I would create a chart. I created a chart. If I ask you to join a planning committee, because you seemingly indicated to my boss that you were willing to participate in the work, do not get snarky about the fact that you say that you served on the committee years ago and it's time for someone else to do the work. I created the committee in July 2003. You've never served on it. The only thing you've done is express the things that you don't think we've done correctly for the events we've planned since the project started. The fact that you did a similar project in the mid-90's doesn't give you a reason to snipe at me. If you currently have an office, especially one with a window, a filing cabinet, and a bookcase, do not come to me to complain because you are going to be in a cubicle when we move again. I wasn't being funny when you asked me "Do you have any idea how hard it will be for me to concentrate on my work in a cubicle?! And how demoralizing it is to not get any decent light?! And how little privacy we're going to have?!" I was being totally serious when I said "Yes I do." Everytime we move, I get a smaller cubicle with lower walls, less storage space, and more distractions. Welcome to my world.


Blogger MP said...

Sadly, this describes life in just about any office. But I'm sorry you're dealing with it! (I promise, if you ever sent me a memo, I would read it and understand!)

2/25/2005 1:00 AM  
Blogger Peeved Michelle said...

Whenever I had to send an email like that, I always start it with, "Per my previous email..."

3/04/2005 3:23 PM  

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