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In a possibly futile attempt to pretend that I am not a geeky loser I played band groupie this weekend. Yep, despite a steady diet of Sandra Boynton and Laurie Berkner, I tried to remember what music is like for the over-6 crowd. DH's band got an out of town gig. With little effort (OK, pretty much no effort, since I made DH make all of the babysitter/dogsitter/hotel/driving arrangements) I was able to go to En Why See to listen to them play at The Knitting Factory. Now, when DH told me that they were playing at the Knitting Factory, my initial response was not "How cool is that?! That place is awesome!" (That is the response he got from his students.) My initial reaction was a hope that there actually was a yarn store attached to the club. Apparently knitting is quite the hip and trendy hobby, so I'm a bit more cutting edge than I thought I was. BTW, there is nothing remotely craft related about the Knitting Factory. We drove up on Friday, and rented a hotel room in Hazlet, NJ (one of the other band members has a friend in Hazlet, and we figured that having a hotel on the Turnpike put us a bit closer to home, so we could shorten the trip back on Saturday.) We killed time by listening to C's iPod (which allowed me to introduce DH to the fine music of the Barenaked Ladies. For a music guy playing in a pop band, he doesn't pay any attention to modern music, I swear. We met up with the band for Japanese food (another first for DH, and almost-first for me, since I haven't been to a Japanese restaurant since I was 8.) We were appropriately rowdy, and for a few minutes I got to forget that I am significantly older and dweebier than pretty much everyone else at the table. Some of the band members were even impressed that I had a blog. "What's it a blog about?" they asked. Well. Um. Y'know, just, stuff. They asked me to start a blog that DH didn't know about, and complain about him so they could see it. "Yeah, that's pretty much what this one is," I told them. Other bands performing on Friday were The Dares, Johnny 5, The Mavericks, and High Tiger. High Tiger and the Mavericks were...loud. 80's hair band-style, and loud (although not as much hair as an 80's hair band.) So, kind of a funny contrast to The Positions and their pop sound. But I got to have a few rum & Cokes without having to worry about driving or being awakened by munchkins, so the night got a definite "thumbs up" from me. Amazingly, I was not as hung over on Saturday as I would have expected, despite my total trashing of my normal eat/drink/sleep habits. I was a lazy, slackass and didn't get up until after 9:00. We hit the Seaport Diner (nothing tops off a weekend of playing rock-and-roll groupie like a bottomless cup of cawffee, three-egg mushroom and cheese omelette and a side of bacon.) We left NJ around 11:00, and I was on my way back to being just plain Mommy again. As soon as I get the film back, though, I'll relive my 24 hours out of character.


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