I'm moving so fast, no one can see me

One of my online friends IM'd me earlier this week, wondering where I had vanished to. She pointed out to me that it had been almost two weeks since I had posted to our message board, which is highly unusual for me. The day after my last post here was wicked busy. It was the last day in the office before a short vacation (post, pictures and links to follow.) I was coordinating a training session that was taking place in our main building, which is not the building where I normally work, but was also needing to get some face time with my boss, who was finally back in the office after 10 days of travel. Another warning light came on in my car (airbag this time, meaning that either my airbag was about to deploy for no reason or that it would not deploy if needed. Or, more likely, that I had another computer glitch like the one that had just cost me $200 earlier this month.) The school that is going to conduct the screenings for DD to determine whether she has a learning disability requested a meeting to be held at 10:30 (they said that only one parent needed to attend, so DH did it, even though I have been doing all of the other meetings and therefore had more background.) So, I was trying to bounce back and forth between buildings without having my car, do the beginnings of my new job (offical start date of July 27,) tie up loose ends on my current job, and anxiously await phone calls from my husband and my mechanic. The car was repaired by mid-afternoon (computer glitch- $300 for this one.) The school is proceeding with the next steps for the testing, because they agree with our assessment of the possibility of the disgraphia. I got home late enough to have missed all of the kids (they were staying with the grandparents while we were gone,) though, so I didn't get to say goodbye to them before I left for vacation. But then- vacation! Five days in California! Wine tasings! Aquarium visits! A tour of San Franciso! (And way too much time sitting in airplane seats or airport terminals. Remind me to splurge on direct flights next time.) But then- back to work. Ugh. Readjusting to Eastern time. Arriving to work on Tuesday, thinking I would have time to pack for my Thursday move, to find out that I had a temp starting at 9:30. So I spent this week bouncing back and forth between our buildings, preparing for the new job, training the temp, tying up loose ends on the old job, and trying to remember what had already been moved and what needed to be. A bunch of co-workers took me to lunch on Thursday, but the woman coordinating the whole deal is not comfortable with party planning, so she took some of her stress out on me for not attending to the details as I normally would have. Boss took me to lunch on Friday, and asked for my honest opinion about the candidates for my old job. And now I get to wash my hands of it all (except for a bit more training that the temp needs, since IT still has not given her all of the network and database access she needs to follow the procedure I left for her.) My new job kicks into high gear this week, because we have a board meeting on Wednesday and Thursday. Our meeting planner asked if I wanted a room at the hotel on Wednesday night, just so I didn't have to worry about driving back in time to make the 7:00 a.m. meeting on Thursday, but it's DD's birthday, so I have to go home and make her a special dinner (she requested hot dogs. Good girl, asking for a simple special birthday dinner!) So, that's where I am, and where I've been, in a nutshell. Thanks to those of you who've stuck around. More to follow, with pictures and stuff (well, not too many pictures of the wine tour- after one vineyard and tasting room, I stopped taking photos and focused on tasting the wine.)


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